Raven Dean is the Superintendent’s Student of the Month

Raven Dean
Raven Dean

The Superintendent’s Student of the Month is Raven Dean. Raven is a seventhgrade student at Isle of Hope K-8 School. Raven is best described as a student on the move to achieve success.

According to teacher Leslie Nissen, Raven’s attitude in addition to her academic achievement, set her apart from many others.

“She is unique among the world of gifted children. She always finds a way to utilize the work at hand to improve and extend her own learning.”

Her recent accolades include state winner of the 2010 Georgia National Fair Bear Writing Contest and boosting her social studies knowledge to win district recognition for her sixthgrade CRCT scores.

You would think attaining a 96 grade point average would keep this student busy enough, but not so. She is a founding member of “Kids with Pizzazz,” an extra-curricular improvisational group.

She is a member of the National Junior Beta Club, the school band, and school safety patrol.

When asked what motivates her to strive for academic success, Raven replied without hesitation, “I hope to become a district attorney one day-maybe even Attorney General, after I complete my education at an Ivy League college such as Yale, Princeton, or Harvard. My family has inspired me to excel and focus on my future. I choose not to let them or myself down.”

The Superintendent’s Student of the Month program recognizes individual students who have excelled in the area of academics, leadership, and community service.

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