Rally Held In Garden City In Support of Aundrey Stewart After Being Spit On

Aundrey Stewart talks about trauma he experienced after being spit on
Aundrey Stewart talks about trauma he experienced after being spit on

According to a Garden City police report, on last Monday, June 22, 2020 Aundrey Stewart was turning his car around in the driveway that belonged to Dmitri Bogatyrev. After a few words exchanged between the two, Mr. Bogatyrev was videod spitting in Mr. Stewart’s face.

The video shows the two men confronting each other. You can hear Bogatyrev say he’s going to grab his gun. Police arrested and charged Bogatyrev with simple battery. He was released the same day. Due to COVID-19 he was not transported to the Chatham County Detention Center but will go to court in August.

Last Friday a rally was held in support of Mr. Stewart at the Garden City Courthouse. “It’s upsetting, it’s very upsetting,” Stewart said during an interview with Tribune staff. Aundrey’s mother, Jeanette Cowan said “I could have been burying my son not standing here but burying my son looking over him if he had gone in there and got that gun”.

The reports released by Garden City Police say Stewart was making a u-turn in Bogatyrev’s driveway. They exchanged words. He began to argue with Stewart while he was still in his car. That’s when the spitting took place. During a time of racial tension, Aundrey sees himself as another victim. “It has damaged me mentally. I barely sleep. I have two daughters and I have to be strong for them,” Stewart said. But while Garden City Police continue to investigate Stewart and his family say they only want one thing and that’s justice.


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