Quilting Ministry at St. Philip A. M. E. Keeps Tradition Alive

Quilts made by St. Philip AME's Quilting Ministry.
Quilts made by St. Philip AME’s Quilting Ministry.

Once again, the congregation of the historic St. Philip A. M. E Church, 613 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., has been inspired by the creative products of the church’s quilting ministry. This dedicated and motivating quilting ministry that uses the name “It’s Not A Quilt Until It’s Quilted” is under the leadership of Valeria Chiles, who is affectionately called “Ms. Teacher” by the participants in the ministry.

According to Ms. Chiles, the 2008 holiday display reminds her of those “make do” quilts of our ancestors. “They encourage us to keep the quilting tradition alive for future generations,” she said.

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