Quateria Williams Named Superintendent’s Student of the Month

Our featured Student of the Month representing the month of November is a seventh grader from East Broad Street K-8 School. Her teachers describe her as a role model to her classmates as well as all of the student population of the school.

She works hard to maintain good grades and shows respect for everyone around her. She often visits classrooms of younger students and works with them on completing assignments and tutoring. Additionally, she works with the Art teacher and the Beautification Committee at East Broad. She’s also active in the youth choir at her local church.

When it comes to academic success, she says, “I know I need school because I need a high school and a college diploma. There are some jobs that you want that you have to have these. I need to be able to take care of my family.”

We are proud to announce the Superintendent’s Student of the Month for November 2017 is Quateria Williams! Congratulations to our student, her family, and the faculty and staff of East Broad St. K-8 School!

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