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THERE IS A RUNOFF! IT’S URGENT! We Must Vote Again On December 6th!

(As Of The Date Of This Publication, We Only Have 21 DAYS LEFT To Prepare)

We MUST Return to the Polls and Vote on December 6th. Let’s show up in even larger numbers than on November 8th. This Is Urgent! If You Did Not Vote On November 8th, You ARE Eligible To Vote On December 6th. Don’t Believe The Myth! We are Voting to finally Elect the U.S. Senator who will represent Georgia in the U.S. Congress. A Vote for our current Savannah Born and Bred Senator Raphael Warnock, will Solidify a Majority, Plus One (1) in the Senate which will Ensure the Passage of Legislation that will Secure our Rights and Privileges and Defend Our Democracy. However, the Decision is Yours! Be Assured that your Vote Will Decide, Because Your Vote Does Count!


Because of Georgia’s New Voter Restriction Law (GA SB 202) which drastically reduced the number of days between an Election and a Runoff to 28 Days, We Only Have A Few Days Left – 21 Days To Be Exact from the date of this publication. Here is what We MUST Do. Yes, We Must Do. No Options Allowed!

1. First and Foremost, Make Your Plan to Return to the Polls to Vote. Will You Vote By Absentee Ballot? Early In-Person? Or Vote On December 6th?

2. Commit to Contacting 3 to 10 Family, Friends, Neighbors, Colleagues, etc., and Stress the Importance of Returning to the Polls to Vote! Note: As New Registered Voters and Any Registered Voter Who Did Not Vote on November 8th, Can Vote in The December 6th Runoff!


1. If You are a New Voter, or Planning to Travel and will be out of town Nov. 28th – Dec. 6th, We Highly Recommend to Apply for an Absentee Ballot no later than Friday, November 18th (Download the Application at securemyabsenteeballot. and Hand Deliver your Application to The Voter Registration Office (In Chatham County: 1117 Eisenhower Dr., or you may Fax it to 912-912-790-1519; or Email: For Free Transportation, Call: 912-495-5441, 912-349-9875 or 800- 874-1541. The Deadline Date to Submit the Absentee Ballot Application is November 28th.

2. If You, or Someone You Know, Voted by Absentee Ballot on November 8th, Trace the Status of Your Absentee Ballot to see if it was counted for November 8th. Go to www.mvp.sos. (Voter Participation History). Call The Voter Registration Office (In Chatham County, 912-790-1520) to see if you Opted In to Receive an Absentee Ballot for this Entire Election Cycle, and Ask When your Ballot for The December 6th Runoff will be Mailed.

3. Remind your College Students or Relatives who may be Employed, or Temporarily Residing Outside of Chatham County, to Check the Status of their Absentee Ballot. If they Return Home before the Absentee Ballot is Mailed to their Temporary Address, Have Them Report for Early In-Person Voting or To Vote on Runoff Election Day, December 6th.


Early In-Person Voting will be held November 28 – Dec 2 (M – F) – Only One Week, with No Saturday Option. Locations and Times for Early Voting and the Dropbox Location( s) for Absentee Ballots in Chatham County will be Published and Posted by The Savannah Tribune once Confirmed. Outside of Chatham County? Please Contact your County Board of Elections for Early In-Person Voting Locations and Times.


If You Plan to Vote on Election Day, December 6th. Report to your Assigned Polling Precinct, 7 AM – 7 PM. Find your Assigned Polling Precinct at Note: A Drop Box for Absentee Ballots Will Be Available on December 6th inside The Voter Registration Office in Chatham County, 1117 Eisenhower Dr., 7 AM – 7 PM.

Look at your Calendar Now, Make your Plan, and Schedule What/How you Plan to Vote.

It’s Important! Between Now and Dec 6th, Knock on your Family’s or Neighbors’ Doors; Call, Text, Send a Card – Let’s Do Whatever we can To Encourage, To Prod, To Assist, and To Help get the Voters you know to Return to the Polls and Vote!

Every Voter’s Vote Counts! When you Consider the Election Results Reported in State after State all across America, since November 8th, we have Witnessed how Every Vote Counts. Even though there were Disappointments with some of the Results, The December 6th Runoff Election in Georgia gives us a Second Chance to make it Right. We, at The Savannah Tribune, Urge you to Vote for Senator Raphael Warnock in order to Secure a Clear Majority in The U.S. Senate – A Majority of 51 Votes will ensure Passage of Legislation that will have Positive Results to Resolving the Issues and Concerns We Cope with in our Everyday Lives, and for the Hope and Protection of the Future of our Children and Grandchildren.

Continue to Ask for Discernment when you Go to the Polls so you will know Which Candidate has our Best Interest, and that of our Children and Grandchildren, in his Heart and Mind; Which Candidate has the Courage to Vote for Legislation that will be Beneficial to us and Protect our Rights, Privileges and Freedoms; and Which Candidate will Defend our Democratic Form of Government. So Let’s Work for the Next Few Days. Get your Voting Plan in Order, Get others to Return to the Polls and Vote!! There is Power in the Number of Voters who Vote, and There is Power in EACH Vote!!

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