Support National Voting Rights Laws & Truth About The January 6th Insurrection

The Savannah Tribune strongly supports passage of U.S. House Bill – HR 4 – The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and U.S. Senate Bill – SR 1 – The For the People Act. National legislation is the only way to overcome undemocratic voter restriction laws such as the law passed in Georgia. We also supported a Bipartisan Commission to investigate Truth and Facts about the January 6th Insurrection against Democracy at our U.S. Capitol. Contact our U.S. 1st District Congressman Buddy Carter (Savannah office: 912-352-0101; Brunswick office: 912-265-9010). Let’s continue to voice our disappointment about his vote Against U.S. House Bill – HR 4 – The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and Against the Independent Bipartisan Commission to investigate the facts about the January 6th Insurrection. Remind him that he is to represent All the residents of the 1st Congressional District with Truth and Integrity. He should protect voting rights and access to the ballot for All eligible voters, and abide by his oath of office to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We at The Savannah Tribune Oppose Voter Suppression, and we continue our strong support of U.S. Senators Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, Stacey Abrams and the leaders of other Civil/Voter rights organizations who are sharing FACTS and authentic details and information about the challenges and suppressive restrictions imposed by the recent voting law (SB 202) that was hastily passed by the Georgia State Legislature. Major components of the law, disguised as the “Election Integrity Act of 2021,” are based upon untruths about the November 2020 and January 2021 election processes. The new law places additional barriers to Voting by Mail (Absentee Ballots), Early Voting, use of the Provisional Ballot, Mobile Voting and access to Drop Boxes. It is now a crime to give water to persons standing in long lines to vote. Most disturbing are new provisions that restrict the powers of the Secretary of State (an elected office) and empower the Georgia State Legislature to appoint a State Elections Board with additional oversight of County Boards of Elections. The State Election Board is now authorized to overrule County officials, and/or take over County Elections and audits, appoint a single individual to act as a county election board, and even alter the outcomes of elections and audits.

We support the creation of an Independent and Bipartisan Commission to investigate and seek the facts surrounding the January 6th attack at the U.S. Capitol and the attempt to interrupt the validation of the Electoral process. Since the Republicans in the Senate did not vote to approve the creation of the commission, we urge the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader to launch a comprehensive Congressional investigation into the June 6th attack.

National Legislation Is The Only Way To Overcome Undemocratic Voter Restrictions; And A Bipartisan Investigation Commission, Similar To The 9/11 Commission, Is Necessary To Seek And Report The Truth To The American People About The January 6th Violent Insurrection.

Shirley B. James, Publisher

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