Have You Checked Your Voting Status This Week?

The Georgia Secretary of State is in the Process of Removing More Than 100,000 Persons From the Voter List in Our State, and More Than 39,000 are in Chatham County.

Are You One of Them, Or Anyone That You May Know?

If You Have Changed Your Address Or Your Name; If You Have Not Voted In The Last Two (2) Elections, You May Be Purged And Will Have To Register Again.

You Must Be Proactive To PROTECT YOUR VOTE!

1. If You Are a Registered Voter, Check Your Voting Status TODAY! Make It A Habit To Check Your Voting Status Every 2 Weeks. Not A Registered Voter? Check The Eligibility Requirements To Register To Vote Today! You Must Check Your Voting Status, Or Register To Vote Before Established Voter Registration Deadlines for each Special, Primary, Municipal or General Election.

2. NEED HELP? Contact Us At The Savannah Tribune: 912-233-6128, OR b. Contact the Chatham County Board of Registrars, 1117 Eisenhower Dr., Savannah, GA 31406. Call: 912-790- 1520, or Email:, OR c. Go to the My Voter Page website,

3. We must Vote In EVERY ELECTION!! — In Spite Of The Obstacles Imposed By Georgia’s SB 202 Voting Law. As Eligible Voters, We Must Let Our Voices Be Heard!!

Don’t Forget, Check Your Voting Status TODAY, And Every Two Weeks Moving Forward.

Shirley B. James, Publisher

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