President Receives H1N1 Vaccination

A White House nurse administers the swine flu vaccine to President Obama
A White House nurse administers the swine flu vaccine to President Obama

Last week, President Barack Obama received the swine flu vaccine in an attempt to prove the vaccine is safe.

“People need to understand that this vaccine is safe,” Obama said. “Michelle and I just got the shots ourselves… we wanted to make sure nationwide that children were getting it before adults did. And now there’s enough vaccine so that adults should get it as well.”

The President spoke about how his daughters received the vaccine in October, when it was first being made available to school-age children. He said that it’s important for parents to vaccinate their children.

“That’s the most important population because this flu, unlike seasonal flu, disproportionately affects children and young people — healthy children and young people as well as people with underlying conditions like asthma or neurological diseases. So it is so important and, frankly, the African American vaccination rate has been lower, substantially lower so far than the general population,” he said. “I think people just need to understand: If I had the two people that are most important in my life, my two daughters, get it right away — and they’ve been just fine with it and in fact haven’t gotten sick this entire flu season — then you need to know that you need to make sure your children get it as well.”

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