President Obama Makes Historic Visit To Cuba

L to R: President of Cuba Raul Castro, President of U.S.A Barack Obama
L to R: President of Cuba Raul Castro, President of U.S.A Barack Obama

This past Monday, March 21, 2016, President Barack Obama landed in Cuba; a historic moment for both America and Cuba, given the fact that it has been nearly 90 years since an act ing president walked on Cuban soil.

President Obama had been planning this meeting for over a year to talk with Cuba’s president, Raul Castro, to repair strained relations, lift the embargo and develop strong diplomatic and economic affairs.

During his visit, President Obama and President Castro held a joint conference, which allowed an open floor question and answer. While the two commander in chiefs pointed out the others flaws in relation to leading and running a country, Obama made it clear that this is a “new day” for the two and Castro seemed to agree by saying “What is most important is that we have started taking the first steps to build a new type of relationship, one that has never existed between Cuba and the United States.”

President Obama did not just visit the country to speak with Raul Castro, but he extended himself to the citizens, conversing with local entrepreneurs and revolutionists. With the embargo still in place, it limits the amount of business that could be done between Cuba and America. This is not the only difficulty he is facing; Congress holds the power to lift the embargo and so far, lawmakers are not on board with Obama and his decision to remove it. However, the Obama Administration is hard at work to slowly but surely dismantle the embargo. Last month, the U.S and Cuba came to an agreement to approve commercial flights; currently, the government is considering applications from American airlines to operate these flights.

With only 10 months left in office, he realizes that his push to have the embargo removed won’t happen until after he leaves the White House.

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