President Obama and Hillary Clinton Make Joint Campaign Appearance

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

Eight years after Hillary Clinton helped to unite Democrats behind President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, he is now returning the favour. President Obama and Hillary Clinton made their first joint appearance of the 2016 campaign in North Carolina, a state Democrats are eager to win in November.

The Obama and Clinton rally held Tuesday in Charlotte marked a new phase in their political relationship. They are now co-dependents as Mrs Clinton seeks the White House once again.

President Obama remarks were as a character witness for his former adviser, who is struggling to convince voters of her trustworthiness and honesty. There is no better politician to testify on her behalf, than the man who once counted himself among Clinton skeptics but came to be one of her biggest supporters.

For four years, Obama trusted her to circle the globe representing his foreign

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton
Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton
policy. She was the good soldier, putting aside her political ego to join the administration of the man who defeated her. During her tenure as Seceretary of State she was viewed favourably by most Americans.

Clinton met with the FBI on last Saturday morning and “gave a voluntary interview” that was “about her email arrangements,” while serving as Secretary of State. An aide to Clinton said the interview lasted about three and a half hours at the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.

After her interview, the FBI announced they won’t recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while secretary of state, agency Director James Comey said Tuesday, lifting a major legal threat to her presidential campaign. Her chances of winning hinge on rallying Mr. Obama’s coalition to her cause. His legacy depends on her success.

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