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Evang. Rachel Thomas
Evang. Rachel Thomas

This year the Unswitchables City- Wide Outreach had one of the most unusual tasks – not with God, but with laborers! For the entire three weeks, we had 2 to 4 faithful workers. But there was one who stayed the entire course of reaching souls and that was my son, Anthony Thomas. I have never missed a day in twenty-six years and I am determined in my spirit to do as God said. Each day as we journeyed all over the worst crime areas, I kept thinking, “where are the saints? If only we had more laborers, we could cover more territory for God.”

This ministry was supernaturally birthed and named by God and He alone orchestrated it. Each day early in my fellowship with God around three or four in the morning, God spoke this scripture, Mark 7:6 to me. It said that I must continue on and I did with the help of Minister Sandra Flemings, Monica, Minister Gwendolyn Prescott, Anthony K. Thomas, Minister Fannie Spivey, Minister Freddie Chance, Minister Barbara Brown, Rev. Hogan Ukpong, son, Aduah, Bishop Willie Ferrell, myself and most of all, JESUS CHRIST, our Lord who is with us always. When God gives you a plan, you must be true followers of Christ and you will become faithful fishers of Men.

We reached 17,845 souls this year which makes our grand total for 26 years a powerful count of 184,911 (one hundred eighty four thousand, nine hundred eleven) souls for the GLORY OF GOD and His Kingdom. This is KINGDOM WORK, The Greater Work that Jesus spoke about. You may ask and wonder why I keep a count of souls reach and I can only give you a simple answer, “because God said so.” There is a book in the Bible call Numbers and we must obey God!! Hallelujah!

The Rallies on River Street had a very great beginning with the Griffin Singers, Praise Dancers, Jesus Rapper and Rev. Hogan Ukpong – preacher. Second, we had Rev. Rodriquez’ Spanish band, Rev. Curtis James and Rev Adeyemo. The third rally we had Bishop Coleman and crew from Prophecy on the Rock Holiness church, Barbara Pack family all the way from Ellabelle, Ga. and Pastor Cheever’s Church – Pentecostal Miracle Deliverance. Our fourth rally on River Street was Bishop Willie Ferrell and crew- Dancers, Mimso Singers and all of the Royal Church of Christ. Also we had Chosen, a Godly Rapper. Lastly we had Growing in Grace Church on Staley Ave in Liberty City at the Red and White Grocery Store. Pastor Rodney Cutter for Growing in Grace Church came to the Unswitchables as a teenage boy and is one of the original Unswitchables.

We would like to thank each participants and laborers and pray God’s powerful blessings upon you all for this wonderful work in His name and for his Glory alone. We worship God almighty alone for how He works all things out according to His plan. Not our will but His alone be done. Amen!

Love ya! Praying for ya!

Mama Rachel Thomas, REP

Representative of Eternal


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