Police Station Could Locate To MLK, Jr. Blvd.

Century Investors apartments of the 400 block of West 33rd and 34th streets
Century Investors apartments of the 400 block of West 33rd and 34th streets

Last week, the Savannah City Council voted to consider building the proposed new Central Precinct Police Station on the land that is now the 400 Blocks of West 33rd and 34th Streets. According, to the City announcement, inspectors will be checking the property over the next 4 months to see if it is suitable for the new police station. The proposed new site is currently owned by Century Investors Limited.

Immediately after the decision by the City Council became public, Elizabeth Wallace, the property manager, notified the 20 tenants who live in the buildings that they will have an opportunity to move into other apartments in the neighborhood that are owned by Century Investors if the City Council decides to purchase the property. In a letter dated May 30th, 2014, Wallace said “the important news for the families who want to stay in this neighborhood is that Century Investors has vacant apartments just across Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in the 500 Blocks of West 33rd and West 34th. We will have ample time to prepare these apartments for our good tenants.”

Century Investors, Limited is a partnership that includes William E. Stiles, Sr. and Robert E. James. Stiles is the Executive Director of the Old Savannah City Mission and James is President of Carver State Bank. Century Investors purchased the land in 1992.

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