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It is important for each citizen in Chatham County to vote in every election. Selecting our leaders and letting our voices be heard on important issues facing our community should be considered a responsibility of citizenship. On May 20th, a new President of the Savannah/Chatham County School Board will be selected. If you have schoolage children, you should be rushing to the polls. In fact, you should have started weeks ago researching the candidates’ views and backgrounds.

Even if you do not have children, this is still a key decision. In Savannah and Chatham County, the School Board President is a very important leader who could influence many aspects of community life. People from around the world assess the quality of our school system when they are trying to determine if they want to live here or move their businesses to this area. The School Board President could possibly be in the room when important decisions are made that not only affect the public schools, but also the quality of life for all of us. Therefore, this is not the time for us to sit at home. It is time for us to go out in large numbers and vote.

Many election observers and some candidates believe that African-American voters in Savannah and Chatham County will not understand how important this election is to the progress of our community. They are not concerned about our young people and especially the plight of young African-Americans. They also say that we will not even vote on May 20th because African-American community leaders and elected officials are not doing enough to encourage us to vote. At The Savannah Tribune, we are working hard to disprove this idea. NEXT WEEK, WE WILL PUBLISH OUR “GET OUT THE VOTE EDITION” to help our readers make choices and pick the candidates who we believe will stand up for us.

Sadie C. Brown, Jolene Byrne, Chester Ellis, George Seaborough and David Simons are competing to be our next School Board President. Our enemies will vote. One of the candidates is using all of the code words to make sure they know that he is “their guy,” so you must vote to make sure “their guy” does not become YOUR School Board President. We must elect a School Board President who has proven leadership ability, as well as a passion for education and the students who attend the public schools. The next School Board President must be an effective communicator and a consensus builder with the time and energy that this important position demands. By electing a School Board President who has the ability to lead the Board in setting the appropriate policies for our children, we can keep Savannah and Chatham County moving forward.

We hope that you will vote in the May 20th Election. Early voting has already started, and you can cast an absentee ballot, or go to the polls on Tuesday, May 20th. You should also make sure that your family members, friends and associates vote. We must vote to keep Savannah and Chatham County moving forward.

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