Payne Theological Seminary Holds Doctor Of Ministry Program in Savannah


Payne Theol ogical Seminary of Wilberforce, Ohio is holding their Doctor of Ministry Program this week in Savannah, GA, August 23 through 27th at the Thompson Savannah Hotel. The opening service was held Monday, August 23rd at St. Philip Monumental AME Church. Rev. Bernard Clarke is the pastor.

Bishop Timothy Clarke, senior Pastor of First Church of God in Columbus Ohio brought the message of “When Experts Don’t Know”. He is currently the Chairman of the General Assembly and President of the Ministers Counsel which represents both the governing and functional boards of the Church of God International Assembly.

The week-long intensive plenary sessions will focus on health and the black church. The first session held on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 delved into a Historical Overview of Public Health in the Black Church. This session was presented by Dr. Frank E. Glover, Jr.

The second session to be held on Wednesday, August 25th will delve into Vaccines, Experimental Drugs & Unfamiliar Drugs, and the Black Church and Community. This session will be presented by Rev. Doreleena Sammons Hackett, SM, CPM.

St. Philip Youth Choir - Kids N’ Praise
St. Philip Youth Choir – Kids N’ Praise

The third session to be held on Thursday, August 26 will delve into Mental Health as a Public Health Concern for the Black Church. This session was presented by Dr. Lewis Kola. Rev. Michael Joseph Brown PhD, President of Payne Theological Seminary since 2016 explained the Doctorate program as a culmination of 3 years of basic study, then practical, then research and presentation. Rev. Brown oversees all the activities of school, vision development and promotion, and resource acquisition for the mission of educating women and men to make a difference in the world through Christian acts of virtue, mercy, and justice.

Rev. Keith Lawrence, DMin is the Director of the Doctoral Program. Rev. Betty Holley, PhD is the Academic Dean of Payne Theological Seminary.

A native of Savannah, Dr. Daniel Stevenson has served as the dean of the Sixth Episcopal District Board of Examiners of the AME Church. Dr. Stevenson’s rich educational background and experience has afforded him the opportunity to effect change in the lives of many whom the Lord has placed in his path in both his secular and ministerial professions. Dr. Stevenson’s tireless and selfless contributions to his community, the AME Church, and most notably to all of God’s people, has stretched over decades and has touched the lives of thousands of individuals. He continues to walk loyally in the will and purpose of the Lord, always ready and willing to embark upon any challenge or goal that is geared toward Kingdom building.

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