Pastor Matthew Southall Brown, Sr. On His Way To The Netherlands

Pastor Matthew Southall Brown, Sr.
Pastor Matthew Southall Brown, Sr.

“I had my high school diploma in one hand and military orders in the other hand. I was drafted into the United States Army after graduating from high school! The year was 1943 and we were embattled in WWII. Seventy-six years later, I find that I am on my way to the Netherlands and I’m 97 years old!” said Pastor Matthew Southhall Brown, Sr.

The American Embassy in The Hague announced to the National Committee about Pastor Brown’s visit to the Netherlands (aka, Holland,) in June 2019. Mrs. Mieke Kirkels, Dutch Researcher, Author and Black Liberators Historian, extended the invitation to Pastor Brown. The committee has organized the official start of events to celebrate 75 years of peace and Liberation from German attacks. Events begin August 31, 2019 and continue into 2020.

Pastor Brown has been invited to commemorate and memorialize 32 Negro volunteer infantry men buried in the American Cemetery at Margraten. He will bring a tribute to Negro soldiers who fought in the Netherlands. He will participate in talks related to his experiences in the segregated U. S. Army as well the temporary desegregation ordered by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. Army and Allied Commander of Allied forces.

Pastor Brown is amongst seven WWII veterans who will also be celebrated and honored for their bravery in the European Theater. He will speak to people from the Netherlands and Europe; historians, public officials, educators, children and the King and Queen of the Netherlands. It is an International event.

Pastor Brown will be accompanied by one of his sons, Leonard A. Brown and grandson, Eddie Lamar Southall Jones. They eagerly await their departure, August 28th and will return, September 6th.

5 thoughts on “Pastor Matthew Southall Brown, Sr. On His Way To The Netherlands”

  1. Congratulations Pastor Brown you have a wealth of knowledge have I have heard you talk about your years of military service doing the battle of the budge which left all of us in awe, Congratulations and I know it will sink in their minds and hearts all that you have to say

  2. As a researcher of the 9th Infantry Division in WII, I find this news great. The Fifth Black Platoons are often overlooked and deserve more attention. Thank you for your service sir. I would love to learn more about your service with the 9th Infantry Division.

  3. Congratulations pastor Brown. I am touched every time by the sacrifice of these coloured men, sent out to fight for our freedom while being treated as second rate citizens in their own country. Please help giving them a lasting rememberence.

  4. Pastor Brown,

    My uncle SGT Benjamin Isabelle is one of the 32 you will be memorizing. Thank you for your service and continued time keeping my uncle and his fellow service brothers relavent.

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