Passover The Night Jesus Died

The Gentiles will be celebrating the death of Jesus Christ. How many people know that Jesus died on the preparation of Passover? The children of Israel, seek a sign from him: Read Matthew chapter 12 verses 39 and 40. If we use simple arithmetic, there is no way we can get seventy-two hours from Friday to Sunday morning. Yet every minister preaches this story to their congregation every year.

And like children we accept it as gospel fact. Take your Bible. Jesus ate the Passover, at even with his Disciples: We know this to be true read Matthew 26 chapter verses 20, 21. St. John 11 chapter verses 55 thru 57. Now read Exodus 12 chapter, note verse 5. The Passover lamb lives one year, those lambs must die on their birthday. Jesus was the Passover lamb for his people Israel, this being the case, Jesus had to be killed like that lamb, on his birthday at night.

Jesus and his disciples, after eating the Passover went for a walk in the garden. Read St. John 18 chapter verse 3: Had this taken place during the day like your religious leaders preached, why would, the men need lantern and torches? Jesus was beaten, judged and crufucified at night. St. John chapter 19 verse 14, it was still the preparation of the Passover. Keep in your mind “Passover is a matter of hours not days.” The six hour, St. John wrote was referring to twelve o’ clock midnight Gentile time. People it was already dark outside. The ninth hour referring to was 3 A.M. in the morning (those of you who have doubt stay up from 12 o” clock midnight to 3 A.M. see if there is any sun light.) Verse 31 chapter 19. Exodus 12 chapter 10th verse: St. John chapter 19, verse 38 thru 42. Jesus rose from the grave according to the Bible, St. Matthew chapter 28 verse 1: (the night of the first day is taking place.) The seventy two hours are thus, Jesus spend so called Thursday in the grave, 12 hours, then 24 hours for so called Friday, and 24 hours for so called Saturday, and 12 hours for the darkness leading to first day of the week.

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