Pass a Cash Bail Ordinance in Chatham County

Deep Center is committed to passing a cash bail ordinance in Chatham County. Cash bail is an amount of money a court determines a person accused of a crime must pay in order to be released until their trial date. This often means that those who can afford to leave, do so, and those who cannot, remain in jail, thus criminalizing poverty.

Based on effective cash bail ordinances issued in cities of similar size and makeup (e.g., New Orleans; Durham, N.C.; and Houston), our goal is to encourage Chatham County to pass a similar cash bail ordinance tailored to our specific community needs.

To do this, we need your support! We want to start a county wide conversation in every neighborhood about the need to end cash bail. Starting every Saturday, we will be canvassing in different neighborhoods, going door-to-door to talk with citizens about what cash bail is and how we can push forward the best policy for Chatham County.

This initiative will follow CDC guidelines, sign up to this event on facebook and we will follow up with you with details. bit. ly/2SsmZZm

For more information about our policy work read our full 2020 Policy Brief at bit. ly/3fOKhRv

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