Paradise Park Traffic Calming to Serve as Model


The City of Savannah on Friday celebrated the completion of a project that marks a new way for citizens to help solve thorny traffic problems in their neighborhoods.

City officials and neighborhood residents cut the ribbon at a new minitraffic circle on Dyches Drive – one of more than half a dozen traffic calming devices installed at key intersections in the Paradise Park neighborhood.

For decades, Paradise Park has suffered from cars speeding through the neighborhood as they attempted to find a short cut form White Bluff Road to Montgomery Cross Road. The traffic-calming features, often not much more than a raised median, are designed to slow cars down, making the streets safer for pedestrians and discouraging cut-through drivers.

The plan was crafted through an extensive engagement process that paired citizens with traffic experts and facilitators. Once the plan was developed, temporary devices were initially placed to see how they worked, and citizens were polled to gauge their response. The permanent devices were placed following a successful trial run.

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