Outreach Cub Scout Pack 210 Makes Principals Day

Cub Scout Leader Joseph Carter shown with Cub Scout Pack 210 members
Cub Scout Leader Joseph Carter shown with Cub Scout Pack 210 members

Last Monday, July 31st, 2017, the Outreach Cub Scout Pack 210 decided to put a smile on local elementary school principals faces by welcoming them back to school with a welcome basket. Cub Scout Leader Joseph Carter, under the leadership of Cub Scout Master John Barnes, had a vision to do something different this year. As usual, the community gives back by providing the students with school supplies, so instead, Cub Scout Pack 210 gave the principals a back to school basket.

Cub Scouts met at May Street YMCA on July 29th to prepare the baskets for delivery. The Principals from the new Susie King Taylor Community School, Rice Creek K8, Gadsden, Haven, J.G. Smith, Marshpoint and Heard Elementary School received baskets. In speaking with Mr. Carter, he stated “the principals were very pleased with the baskets. We knew that Monday was a very busy day with Open Houses and all, but they were nice enough to make time during their busy schedule to accept the baskets. We didn’t just put a smile on the Principals faces, but our Cub Scouts were happy too!”

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