Operation New Hope Welcomes Abused Bryan County Dogs

Two dogs that were rescued after nearly starving to death will be joined the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Operation New Hope program on November 14, 2012.

Members of Bryan Animal Caregivers found Lola and Charlie on October 3 along Highway 17 in Bryan County. Both dogs had to be hospitalized-they were nearly 20 pounds underweight and tested positive for heart worm. Charlie had to have surgery for an infection and his genitals were removed. Now the dogs are on the road to recovery and are strong enough to join Operation New Hope.

The Chatham County

Sheriff’s Office hopes to continue to care for these dogs and train them for the next four-week in hopes of helping Lola and Charlie find a permanent, loving home.

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office created Operation New Hope at the Detention Center in April as a way to help rehabilitate inmates and give un-adoptable dogs a second chance at finding a loving home. Six inmates and six dogs live and train together in the jail, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for four weeks. The dogs learn basic obedience skills and are housebroken. Then they are ready for adoption.

To date, 40 of the 42 dogs that have graduated from Operation New Hope have found permanent homes. Operation New Hope is funded entirely by the Humane Society for Greater Savannah and community donations.

Anyone interested in adopting Charlie or Lola can contact the Bryan Animal Caregivers at www.bryanac.org.

Anyone interesting in adopting other Operation New Hope dogs can contact the Humane Society for Greater Savannah at (912) 354-9515. You can check out the dogs available for adoption on the CCSO Facebook page at www.facebook/chathamcountysheriff.com.

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