Operation Flashlight Community Outreach To Military Families


AWWIN, Inc. (Assisting Working Women In Need) and Grace Culture International teamed up to provide community outreach to military families.

Grace Culture International has joined forces with Sarahlyn and AWWIN and are asking other churches, business, organizations, families and individuals to join them to provide flashlights and batteries (A RAY OF LIGHT) to our Military families. Operation Flashlight will run through November 1, 2013

The kickoff ceremony for Operation Flashlight last Friday at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum Partnering organization Grace Culture International along with other collaborating organizations, business, etc made their first official presentation of flashlights and batteries to officials from Hunter/Ft Stewart at the kickoff.

Operation Flashlight was inspired by a visit Sarahlyn had with her daughter SPC Katie Argrow who is stationed in Fort Sill, OK. The lights went off in Katie’s apartment complex and of course she had to go to PT and to work. Therefore Sarahlyn was left home alone in the dark. Katie was able to leave her mother with some flashlights, but as daylight began to break Sarahlyn began to think about the Military families that might not have the ability to have flashlights available to leave with their families.

Thoughts of single moms in the Military trying to support their families and two parent families that are sometimes facing financial hardships for whatever reasons began to come to mind. It brought back memories of Sarahlyn’s struggles of raising her five daughters and growing up, sometimes having to use candles due the lights being turned off or the lights going out due to bad weather.

“I do not think anyone needs to be in the dark for any reason and I really do not think our men and women serving and protecting our country should have to worry about their families ever being in the dark” said Argrow. “It is the goal of Operation Flashlight to have flashlights and batteries available for our Military families in the time of such needs” said Argrow.

For more information on Operation Flashlight please call Sarahlyn U. Argrow at 912-659-0241. The cost of the flashlights should not exceed $20.00.

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