One Georgia, or A Divided Georgia?


As of press time for The Savannah Tribune, the RESULTS of the November 6, 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election, as well as other midterm elections, were incomplete. We will have the complete results on our website as they are made available to us. We will also publish the complete results in the next edition of The Savannah Tribune. Visit and also “Like” us on Facebook.

W ill we be One

Georgia who respects individual differences? Or have we been conquered by fear, hatred and denigration, and led into divisiveness and intolerance of “Anyone-who-isnot like-us?”

The outcome of the 2018 Gubernatorial Election in Georgia, as well as for other electoral positions for statewide and Congressional office will, in my opinion, define the Soul of Georgia and subsequently, the Soul of America. I believe we put our democratic system of government at risk when we do not exercise our right to vote. Voting is what allows us as American citizens to participate in our democracy. It allows us to express our independent and discerning opinions about persons who we feel will represent and advocate for ALL OF US (not the few), using fair, objective, unbiased and non-prejudicial reasoning and decision making processes based on truth and facts as they pass laws and policies that affect our everyday living. I believe voting is a sacred trust. Too many persons have sacrificed their lives and fought for our right to vote, even though they were denied. Our obligation to them is to fully assume this responsibility of citizenship and not take voting lightly, nor ignore it completely. Out of respect to those who have gone before, and for ourselves, I hope you let our voices, and theirs, be heard by casting your vote to decide who will lead Georgia as our 83rd Governor for the next four, or possibly eight years. One Georgia? A Divided Georgia? YOUR VOTE, OR NON-VOTE, HAS SPOKEN.

Shirley Barber James,


1 thought on “One Georgia, or A Divided Georgia?”

  1. If voting rights weren’t continuesly meddled with, I think people would put more effort into voting. Here in Savannah voting machines broken half the night and Kemp’s successful attempt to hold registrations may have the effect of voters not bothering in the next elections. I think these things need to be challenged In the courts.

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