“One For Dreams” Mission Driven Company Has Launched

Delrish Moore
Delrish Moore
Millennial Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist and Motivational Speaker, Delrish Moore has launched a new mission-driven company called “One For Dreams.” The company offers apparel that focuses on uniting people and helping everyone achieve their dreams. One For Dreams donates a portion of their proceeds towards helping people from around the world live their personal dreams. Dreams that are funded includes scholarships for college/ higher education, food and shelter, small businesses and more. The ultimate goal of One For Dreams is to bring the world together for a common cause “make dreams come true”, while showing everyone the true power of becoming one.

One For Dreams Founder, Delrish Moore, experienced numerous deaths to family members, had his home burglarized on two separate occasions and was able to overcome homelessness after being evicted from his apartment. Delrish is now a successful entrepreneur, brand strategist and motivational speaker. “No matter who you are or where you’re from, we all have a personal dream; whether it’s starting a business or just having adequate food & water. The challenge is making that dream come true due to lack of resources, self & external doubt, or hardship amongst others. I created One For Dreams to create a culture of people all around the world who are making their own dreams and others come true through unity, inspiration, achievement and fashion. And with everything that has taken place in Charleston, Virginia, the devastation in Texas from Hurricane Harvey and other occurrences in the past, I believe we all have realized the importance of becoming one now more than ever.” One For Dreams apparel is available at OneForDreams.com. You can also find daily inspiration, tips to help you achieve your goals, dreams that have been achieved, and new product releases at the company’s official Instagram page @onefordreams.

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