Omotunde Festival


The 1st Omotunde Festival will be held Saturday, September 17, 2011 here in Savannah. Ga.

The Omotunde Festival is a recurring celebration that calls forth a cultural renaissance among African descendants in America in order to do their part to meet the challenges of the hanging world.

Festival schedule includes: 9am-10am- Sankofa Walk This walk will begin at Morrell Park and end at the African American memorial. 10am-5pm- Bembe on the River Join us on River Street as we celebrate our Cultural seed in an interactive experience. House of Karamu – African Dancing & Drumming Lessons by Tutuola House of The Diaspora – Meet the Oba! The King of Oyotunji African Village speaks. House of Spirituality – Ifa, An African Tradition of the Spirit by Ile Tiwalade House of Healing – African Healing Traditions by Dr. Zawade Henna Tattoos 1pm to 3pm. 10am-5pm-Bembe Health Fair We shall observe National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month. 7pm-11pm-African Music Fest – $5.00 Positive sounds of Reggae, Hip-Hop, & Neo- Soul combine to create a higher vibration. Ras Kofi, Joe Stu, Zayd Malik, Ife Jie Abeni Cultural Arts, Tutola Drum Ensemble.

“Omotunde” is a Yoruba word which means “The child has returned”. This name is an appeal to a common African heritage which was born in Africa and transplanted in America during the tragedy of African enslavement.

Today these cultures are represented by increasingly marginalized communities along the low country holding on to memories of the civilizations which born them.

For more information contact (912) 547-1245.

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