Omar Court #91, D.O.I. Moves Forward with 2012 Officers

Dannette B. Johnson,
Dannette B. Johnson,

Dt. Dannette B. Johnson, Illustrious Commandress is a member of Fairmount Baptist Church. Dt. Johnson was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. She is the daughter of Harry and Thelma Bright, Sr. She actively volunteers in the community and is a member of the following: Solomon Temple Chapter #95 O. E. S., Mary H. Jones Assembly #27 Order of the Golden Circle, Omar Court #91 Daughters of Isis, Budget & Finance Committee for the Desert of Georgia and the PTA President for Haven Elementary School.

She’s self-employed and the proud owner of The Kidz University. Dt. Johnson is the wife of PP Otis D. Johnson and is the proud mother of two boys, (twins) J’Quavious and J’Tavious.

Omar Court #91 is a constituent member court of the Imperial Court Daughters of Isis. The Imperial Court, Daughters of Isis is the female auxiliary to the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

Omar Court #91, Daughters of Isis is progressing with newly 2012 elected and appointed officers. The following daughters will serve:

Dt. Dannette B. Johnson, Illustrious Commandress; Dt. Rose White, 1st Lt. Commandress; Dt. Cherry Hamilton, 2nd Lt. Commandress; Dt. Catherine Clements, High Priestess; Dt. Brenda Pough, Oriental Guide; Dt. Linda Bryan, Illustrious Treasurer; Dt. Nicole Williams, Illustrious Recordress; Dt. Donna Darby, 1st Ceremonial Daughter; Dt. Phyllis Eatmon, 2nd Ceremonial Daughter; Dt. LaDwayna Wilcher, Inside Spy; Dt. Patricia Holt-Crawford, Outside Spy; Dt. Belinda Brown, Assistant Recordress; Dt. Jeannette Cooper, Dt. Frazier Childers, Dt. Cymberly Burns, Dt. Janice Purvis, Marshals; Dt. Sharon Spaulding – Singleton, Isiserettes Diectress; HPC Deloris Dunham; Deputy of the Oasis (Savannah); PP Ezekiel Dunham, Advisor Submitted by, Dt. Brenda Pough, O.G.,Publicity Directress

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