Old Savannah City Mission to hold Annual Day of Great Thanksgiving

Participants of a previous Great Day of Thanksgiving
Participants of a previous Great Day of Thanksgiving

Our community is experiencing a demographic shift fueled by these tough times. Repossessed homes, unemployment and lost savings are driving more and more people through the doors of the Old Savannah City Mission. This shift is evidenced in a strong up-tick in two basic essentials, food and shelter. Our current meal services are up 20% YTD compared to 2008. And, donations are down 19%. The need for shelter beds is equally strong. It is time for someone to do something! The Mission is doing something every day. And, during the National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, November 15 – 21, 2009, the Mission will pull out all stops to drive home the harsh predicament of an increasing number of our friends and neighbors.

Activities scheduled for the National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week: Lunch Time and Evening Tours…the Mission’s doors will be open throughout the week for those who want to see the facilities, learn how the Mission provides emergency services and residential recovery and transitional programs without pubic funding. Friday, November 20…A FAST

Those who want to learn about hunger in our community are encouraged to go without food for one day and get a “taste of hunger.” People are encouraged to donate what they would have spent on food to feed the homeless. Friday night, November 20…A NIGHT IN A BOX

Those who want to understand homelessness can sleep a night in a box in a secured area in Mission parking lot. This is much more than an experience in discomfort. Experts in homelessness will be present to interface with participants. A select group of currently homeless men and women will answer questions and share their personal history and experience of becoming homeless and how they survive. Call Rev. Lewis at 655-5118 to enroll. Space on the asphalt is limited.

Saturday, November 21…Old Savannah City Mission’s 12th Annual Day of Great Thanksgiving in Forsyth Park.

Over 700 volunteers will prepare and serve 7,000 delicious smoked turkey dinners as the Mission replicates America’s holiday, Thanksgiving.

Meals will be served continuously from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

“Unity in the Community” is the theme of this year’s Day of Great Thanksgiving.

To add your name to the growing list of volunteers, call Glenn at 352-3124.

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