Obama Administration Celebrates Black History by Winning the Future

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama


During Black History Month, Americans from around the country will celebrate the creativity, determination, and progress that African Americans have made to our nation’s identity and culture.

This year’s celebration of Black History Month will be an opportunity not just to look back and celebrate the achievements of our community, but also to honor the legacy of those that have come before us while fostering the leaders of tomorrow. Throughout the month, Cabinet Members, Administration officials, and senior staff will participate in events to highlight the various ways African Americans are winning the future by out-innovating, out-educating, and outbuilding our global competition.

“During National African American History Month, we recognize the extraordinary achievements of African Americans and their essential role in shaping the story of America.

In honor of their courage and contributions, let us resolve to carry forward together the promise of America for our children,” President Obama said in the National African American Heritage Month Proclamation .

In addition to events, the White House will feature African Americans from agencies throughout the Administration that contribute to the President’s vision of winning the future through their efforts to move America forward.

Each profile will post on the “Celebrating Black History by Winning the Future” webpage.

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