Notable Sports Players From Savannah

The activity of sports has been a part of cultures since the beginning the of time, and the history of sports extend as far back as the beginning of military training, with competition used as a means to determine whether individuals were fit and useful for service.

The history of sports can teach generations about change: social change, cultural change and change in the evolution of sports itself. Records reveal that sports such as: wrestling, weightlifting, long jump, swimming, rowing, flying, shooting and fishing were played as far back as the time of the Pharoahs in Egypt.

Here is a list of notable sports players from the Savannah area: Solomon Branna, Taz Anderson, George Atkinson, Edwin Bailey, Roland Daniels, Bucky Dent, Pervis Ellison, Cheryl Haworth, Percy Howard, Kevin Mawae, Dustin McGowan, Bobby Norfleet, Terry Orr, Gerald Perry, Marty Pevey, Andrew Provence, Josh Reddick, Eron Riley, Kenny Rogers, Al Seeger, Jason Shiell, Roy Simmons, and Hollis Stacy.

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