Non-Stop Boogie Drop is a party for a purpose supporting Savannah River to be held Friday, April 7 through Saturday, April 8 at 9pm at the House of Strut located at 17 West 41st St.

The peaceful protest through music and art is the best way to raise awareness about what’s going on right in front of us, which is nature. Our environment that we take so near and dear to our hearts as well get taken for granted. This event comes at the perfect time, the same month as Earth Day and takes a stand for the protection and wellness of Savannah River.

Non-Stop Boogie Drop is a 24-hour charity music event supporting Savannah Riverkeeper. The event is presented by House of Strut and 25 Shades of Purple. Jacob Oblander, is the Outreach Coordinator for Savannah Riverkeeper. He monitors and is essentially the voice of the river. Bret Umbreit, owner of 25 shades of Purple and DJ, alongside Landlady Erica Jarman of Vintage Treasure House of Strut explain how all of this manifested.

Ben Umbreit explains “Last year while I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a lot of my DJ friends in other cities talk about doing 24 hour DJ events where you get 24 DJ’s doing one hour sets for 24 hours straight all in the name of charity.” He continues “It can be a really cool thing in Savannah to bring all the DJ’s together and have a cross-pollination of musical styles and collaborations to come together and thought it be a edgy concept. In the name of a cause you can bring attention and awareness to the cause. ”He thought about Erica Jarman being the perfect person to do the event. Erica Jarman said the concept came to her in a dream. “I just had this dream that I was going to dance for 24 hours and it was going to for mother earth.” She continues, “I was so distraught with what was happening on the political scene with the EPA and such.

Also, as well as there will be food trucks, celebrity guests, and surprises. This an event is for the community and by the community. If you want to get tickets and find out more information you can go to their website

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