New York Life Savannah Presents $27,500 Check To SCCPSS


New York Life’s Savannah General Office presented a check for $27,500 to the Savannah Chatham County Public School System last Monday, June 4, for participating in the New York Life Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative.

Over the past several years, the New York Life Foundation, the charitable arm of the company, in partnership with National Center of School Crisis and Bereavement, has been working with the leading K-12 education professional organizations to form the Coalition to Support Grieving Students to develop a set of materials and a website,

The Coalition found through a survey that just seven percent of school teachers feel adequately prepared to help grieving students when they return to the classroom, even though 70 percent of them have a grieving student in their classroom at any given time. Studies show that a child’s unresolved grief can have a social and emotional impact on him or her, leading to behavioral issues and poor performance in school.

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  1. This is exactly why I do what I do. My grandsons are amongst the number of grieving children in our school system. To make sure they get the support they need, I advocate for them and other grieving children by telling my story as a grieving grandfather and providing resources to support educators in their efforts to make a safer environment for children to grieve and heal.

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