New Principal At Ramah Adventist Jr. Academy Willie Walker a.k.a “Mr. Math”


The City of Savannah and Ramah Adventist Jr. Academy have been gifted with an extraordinary educator, Mr. Willie Walker, the new Principal. Mr. Walker brings over 25 years of teaching/ administration experience. Willie L. Walker, a.k.a. “Mr. Math”, is a former accountant who left the business world to become a full time teacher. He has a great love for children and being able to motivate children is his biggest asset. “Once you motivate children you are able to teach them anything” says Walker.

Walker is a Business Management graduate of Nova University and Master’s Degree in Education from Newport University located in Virginia. He began his teaching career in Miami Dade County (4th largest district in the nation) in 1985 and Walker was named Math Teacher of the year in 1990. From 1990 to 1997, Walker created a mental math competition that included over 10,000 students over a 10 year period throughout the Miami/ Dade County school district.

In 1997, using his God-given talent of mental math Walker founded Project Motivational Math, a prolific mathematics program that can take a student from sheer no confidence to winning Math Competitions within months. Imagine an educator with a vision that no universe can contain. “Mr. Math” as he is known has created just such a program. Children with poor math concepts are being taught how to change their paradigm and redirect their low math esteem to playing math games and falling in love with math. Imagine your student in a National Math competition such as the Scripps Spelling Bee. This is just such the vision Mr. Walker has for Savannah students. Falling in love with Math will transform a child into a stellar student in all their courses of study as well as allow them to study with confidence and pride. Productive confident students will translate into society’s best citizens who will change the world in their own right. Mr. Walker is a visionary who is ready to bring his vision to the students of Savannah. Mr. Walker’s main goal is to help prepare these students for the Kingdom and to teach them academically. Imagine your student begging you to allow them to stay up late to play math games or see them light up with pride when they bring home A’s & B’s on all their math test as well as in all their courses. Extraordinary Math students change the world.

Ramah Adventist Jr. Academy is part of a network world wide, a school system of educational institutions that is the largest parochial school system 2nd only to the Catholic school system. Ramah Adventist Jr. Academy is one of over 7500+ Schools, Colleges and Universities worldwide. If you want your student to rise to the top, sending them to Ramah under Mr. Willie Walker will do just that. Visit his website at and review the videos for yourself. Walker is an author, educator and a motivational speaker. He is married to Mrs. Anna Smith Walker, they have 2 children, and 7 grandchildren.

Physical fitness will be a focus for the children as well. At Ramah we will start a daily regime to boast your child’s energy level with at least three days of physical fitness and exercise training. Savannah I emplore you do not sleep on this opportunity. Enroll your student. There is limited space available. Contact Mr. Walker about enrolling your student today Mr. Math and his staff are here to change student’s lives. Let’s welcome Mr. Math who truly cares about his students in every aspect of their lives. Call 912-233-3101 Today!

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