New Etiquette Program Available for Teens

Vicki Minor
Vicki Minor

Savannah has a new etiquette program called Yellow Rose. This self-improvement program is designed to offer teens between the ages of 13 to 19 an opportunity to learn their “proper’s’” in life.

The ultimate goal is to help build their self-esteem and self-confidence by exposing them to events to enhance the goal such as a fine dining experience. The program is limited to a maximum of 20 teens per six week session. The sessions will be offered 2 days per week a Saturday or Sunday will be added (depending on the scheduled activity).

The program is divided into three segments: (1) Proper Etiquette; (2) Dress for Success; (3) Health and Hygiene. Weekend events will be added and incorporated in the appropriate segment. The program will close with a graduation ceremony and dinner.

There are a total of 24 hours of course work, 8 hours of events and 2 hours for the Orientation/Get Acquainted at the kick-off session. If a cultural event is planned following graduation additional contact hours may increase by 4 hours.

The three sessions will be conducted over a six week period starting in June with interviews and registration and culminating in August, so as not to interfere with scheduled academic programs. The first session will begin June 30, 2011.

The program will culminate with a graduation ceremony at the end of the three segments, on August 18 or 20, 2011.

Parents are expected to attend the graduation ceremony. This will be the opportunity for the parents to see first-hand the transformation of their young lady and young man.

The graduation ceremony will include a formal dinner, arranged by the graduates to show off their skills in setting a proper table and demonstrating proper etiquette in the formal dining setting. Students will also be required to share and/or show what they have learned from the program.

We expect that all those who register will complete the program or the session they sign up for.

A reward of an exciting cultural event will be given to those completing the program.

This could be, but not limited to, a trip, a tour of the Savannah museums or some other event to be determined at the culmination of the program.

We expect that parents/guardians will participate. The cost for parents to attend the graduation ceremony is $25.00 to cover their dinner.

For more information, contact Minor & Associates, Vicki Minor, President, at 281.932.1004.

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