New Book Teaches Children About Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is no longer just around the corner… it’s officially here until December 1st. So the timing of this new release is perfect preparation for children living in coastal communities. Last years hurricane season was very mild with just nine named storms, the fewest in 12 years. But many forecasters say that this year will be worse. Joe Bastardi, AccuWeather Meteorologist, says, “2010 could be more like the active season of 2008, than the relatively quiet season of 2009 and possibly have much more of an impact on the US coastline.” His prediction is based on global weather patterns and ocean temperatures.

Each year tropical storms develop over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. Many stay over the ocean and never impact land, but in an average three-year period, roughly five hurricanes strike the U.S. coastline.

While preparing for a hurricane can be a stressful time for a child…actually living through one is even more stressful. Without knowledge about what is happening, children are worried and fearful.

This book is designed to explain to your child what to expect, from the initial warning that a hurricane is coming, to the aftermath of the storm. “I think you should encourage your child to ask questions as the story is read,” Miami author, Jill Klaskin Press said. “And, you should answer in an honest, straightforward manner…using language they will understand.” She said, “By following this advice, you’ll be able to calm a child’s fears, address their concerns, and help them survive the hurricane experience very well.

Time to Get Ready will help explain the phenomenon of hurricanes to children ages 4-8 in a “grow and learn” non-threatening way, from a child’s perspective. The paperback has vibrant illustrations and straightforward dialogue. Children will be able to follow along as Mia and Jonathan’s entire family, including Elvis the dog, pitch in to get ready for a hurricane, experience the event, and recover from the storm.

Time to Get Ready…A Hurricane is Coming to Our Town! is dedicated To the Children…the most vulnerable people affected by natural disasters.

Klaskin Press will donate a portion of all book sales to charitable organizations such as, Feed The Children. To learn more about Time to Get Ready…A Hurricane is Coming to Our Town! visit

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