New Bikes for Kids at West Broad Street YMCA

When Kerry Corporation came to Savannah for its annual meeting it wanted to do something different. “We wanted to do something that would build team spirit and to give back to this beautiful City, “ says Tracy DeCori of Kerry. “And thanks to Savannah Fun Tours it happened and was greater than we could have ever imagined.”

Cayce Girardeau of Savannah Fun Tours partnered with the Hyatt and came up with a truly original and meaningful idea. Girardeau contacted Deborah Enoch of the West Broad Street YMCA. “Cayce asked me if there were 12 of our kids who could use new bikes,” offers Enoch. “Of course I said ‘YES’!” Then the plan was hatched.

Enoch told all of the kids in the West Broad Street YMCA’s afterschool program that they were going on a field trip to help some adults who were trying to build some bicycles.

The kids were to be the experts to help the adults. Enoch talked to all of the parents individually and identified 12 kids who did not have a bike and wanted one.

Savannah Fun Tours came to the Y and picked all of the kids up in one of their tour busses. “That was fun enough for many of our kids,” says Enoch. But there was more.

The bus went to the Hyatt where the kids were paired to 48 adults in small teams. Girardeau pulled out all of the stops to make it fun for the kids. The kids worked with adults on assembling the bikes. “It was controlled chaos,” offers Girardeau. The kids “advised” the adults on how to make it work and what needed to go where and why. Then one child from each team was selected to “test drive” the bike.

They were fitted with helmets and told to follow a treasure map that was laid out in the ballroom to collect clues and solving a puzzle from the clues.The clues were one word printed on an aged piece of paper with burnt edges, truly looking like a n old pirate map. At the end the kids had to assemble the words to make it into a sentence which would reveal the treasure. “The treasure is the bike!” was the sentence. But the kids kept reading it over and over until one girl finally jumped in the air and shouted “It’s the bike! It’s the bike! I know the treasure! It’s the bike! Now who gets the treasure?” “You do!”, came back the reply from all of the adults. Screams, laughter, tears, hugs, and joy followed. Twelve kids got brand new bikes and helmets. Savannah Fun Tours even delivered each bike personally to each child’s home.

The kids went home with bikes, but the adults went home with something far greater.

They really felt good about themselves and their company. “This was the best team building we’ve ever done,” said DeCori. “Savannah Fun Tours did an outstanding job.”

The West Broad Street YMCA is located at 1110 May Street in Savannah.

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