Navy Master Chief Thomas Johnson: “It Takes a Village”

Mr. Thomas Johnson
Mr. Thomas Johnson

The city of Charleston South Carolina will honor Retired United States Navy Master Chief and community leader, Thomas Johnson, in renaming Westchester Community Playground after him.

A native of Savannah Georgia and graduate of Alfred E. Beach High School, he was the son of Mr. Quincy Johnson and Helen Burke-Johnson. He often said “it takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes the village needs a little raising.”

Mr. Johnson took his passion for community with him as a resident of Westchester Subdivision. His focus included education, youth involvement, community and more.

He worked diligently to improve the quality of life for the residents of Westchester Subdivision by drawing up the basic layout for the Westchester building floor plan. He has served on the community newsletter committee, the recreation committee, as the zoning committee chairman, and as the Westchester community president which he served until his departure.

Mr. Johnson also served on Folly Beach renourishment committee, as vice president of the Sea Island Health Care Co-operation. He was committed to working on the the City of Charleston Recreation Committee, Charleston Greenbelt Committee and many more.

Mr. Thomas Johnson devoted much of his time and a great deal of himself to enrich, assist, and improve the lives and communities of everyone who came to him in need.

His leadership, community efforts, personal and community wide accomplishments allowed him to contribute productively not only to James Island and Westchester, but throughout the Charleston County and surrounding areas in the Low Country.

He further extended his efforts by working with members of the Johns Island community. He also worked industriously by encouraging the community to get involved through voters’ registration efforts and political education efforts.

Mr. Thomas Johnson departed from this life on Monday, March 28, 2011. However, he touched, enhanced, affected, and influenced the lives of many.

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