Native Savannah Businesswoman Launches ‘Cutie Cakes’ Deal With Kroger

Aundrea Dumas
Aundrea Dumas

Kroger’s Atlanta Division and local brand personality, Aundrea Dumas, have joined forces to launch “Cutie Cakes – Cupcakes in a Bottle.” The new product is offered at 29 Kroger stores in metro Atlanta and Savannah, Ga.

Cutie Cakes were developed by Dumas as a simple and convenient alternative to preparing cupcakes and cakes without the fuss. Each bottle of Cutie Cakes is pre-mixed and can be easily poured to make 12 cupcakes or one single-layer cake. Cutie Cakes are available in chocolate, red velvet and key lime.

“The unique flavor of Cutie Cakes is what we are most excited about,” says Dumas. “Because the batter is premixed and refrigerated, customers who are in need of a quick, easy way to bake goodies can have delicious cupcakes or cakes – with a homemade flair that makes them distinctive. And even better, they can do so without having to purchase all of the ingredients individually.”

Cutie Cakes are exclusive to select Kroger stores, and represent the grocer’s commitment to supporting locally sourced products, as well as its Supplier Diversity Program.

“Kroger is thrilled to expand our partnership with Aundrea to include Cutie Cakes,” says Glynn Jenkins, director of communications and public relations for Kroger’s Atlanta Division. “Entrepreneurs like Aundrea enable Kroger to maintain its commitment to the community.”

Dumas is a native of Savannah – and Cutie Cakes are one of the many offerings of her integrated food, media, merchandise and publication company. Her “ShrabCakes” have been sold in more than 200 Kroger stores since 2005. Additionally, Dumas has published several books and is the former owner of Shirley Cutie Cakes Bakery in Conyers, Ga.

The Kroger Supplier Diversity Program is designed to foster the promotion, growth and development of minority, women and other diverse owned enterprises.

Learn more about Cutie Cakes at www.Cutie-

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