National Transportation Week May 15-21, 2011

National Transportation Week is a yearly event observed during the month of May. This federal celebration was voted into law by President Kennedy in 1962.

National Transportation Week is a time to discuss all forms of transportation in America and all of the issues affecting this industry now and into the future. This includes travel through highway/ roads, air rail and sea.

As President Barack Obama stated in his proclamation to include National Defense Transportation Day and National Transportation Week in May 2010, “The ability to travel effectively also strengthens us as a people. President Eisenhower’s creation of our interstate highway system over 50 years ago revolutionized channels of economic and social mobility, drew together distant areas of our Nation and helped us maneuver through dense metropolitan areas.

Today, smart, sustainable development, coupled with quality public transportation, has created more livable and environmentally sustainable communities for all to enjoy. By reducing isolation and bringing neighborhoods together, we can continue to increase access to good jobs, affordable housing, safe streets and parks, and a healthy food supply.

This year, Chatham Area Transit celebrates National Transportation Week by recognizing two of our passengers who have offered testimony to the benefits of public transportation.

We proudly salute Ms. Mary Frederick and Mr. David Wallin for trusting Chatham Area Transit to provide their mobility needs and thereby allowing them to maintain their independence. Additionally, we recognize one of our own employees, Ms. Joan Wilson, who continues to demonstrate the true meaning of public service.

A career fair will also be held at East Broad Street Elementary School to introduce students to the wide array of careers in public transportation.

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