Before I begin, I am well aware of what the scripture dictates about the power of the tongue and how words can sometimes cut deeper than the sharpest knife. However, I am troubled by the fact that we have allowed the Nword to hold us hostage. This word that is laced with so much hatred, anger and demoralizing context has somehow become more than a word. I too am offended when I hear individuals use this word, however it is nothing more than a word. I am equally saddened when I hear the F-bomb and my beautiful black women referred to as “hoes” and “witches”. What angers me even more is when I hear politicians use words like welfare, entitlements and government handouts in a dehumanizing way, when referring to those in need. This makes me mad, not the juvenile lyrics of a rap song. So what am I saying, black folks need to get over it. Nigger is just a word and it has no magical power, nor does it define who I am, or whose I am. If anything, I pray we can educate our young brothers to use their creative juices in more productive ways than succumbing to the stereotypes of modern media. We don’t need to have a funeral for this word, and we need to stop getting up in arms when it is used. It is just a word. Let us change how we see ourselves, and it will not matter what people call you. A great man once told me, “It doesn’t matter what people call you, all that matters is what you answer to.” It is just a word, let it go and it will go away.

C. MeGill Brown pastorbrown@secondafrican.org

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