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Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

As I said in the article – My Trip through the Bible, I had a live encounter with the Lord but I did not explain what happened. But now the Lord is giving me permission to explain that experience with Him to you.

I was sitting in the middle of my bed like an Indian sits and it was around three (3) A.M. in the morning of December 31, 1974. I was crying while I was reading my Bible. Suddenly my room lit up like it was twelve noon. The sun was shining very, very bright. This light did not go into the corner of the ceiling but in a circle around the room all around me. Then suddenly a white sheet was lowered from my ceiling and it had a lot of black ugly critters and black bugs of every kind and I said out loud NO!

I turned away from it. I heard a loud clear audible voice say -: These are your sins!” I felt inside my spirit; a great love, peace and joy such unspeakable joy in God! The sheet disappear and the light. Inside of me, I felt newness and I heard my husband come in, and I ran to tell him what happened.

He said, “He remembered something like that happening to a soldier that was on the ship with him who was yelling that fire was all around him but no one else saw the fire. Later in life that man became a preacher.

After I saw my sheet, the spirit sent me to all the people that I had done wrong. I had to ask forgiveness and get things right before God.

God purged me, washed me white as snow through His Holy Spirit and the Blood of his word. I obeyed God’s will and I became a brand new creature in Christ Jesus. Old things passed away and all things became brand New! I continued my trip through His Word and I read the whole Bible front to back 26 times without putting it down. It is Life and spirit to me and is the Life that I desire to live walking in God’s spirit always.

God began to give me miracles of healings, and even brought me back from the dead. I was on the operation table in the ER after a heart attack. I left home singing a song by Bo Williams, “I’ll Be With You Always.” My husband could not really understand how I could be singing while going to the hospital, but the Holy Spirit put it in my heart to sing that song and I did. No pain at all!

The doctors, four of them said they had to down angioplasty in an artery to my heart and they tried to perform this surgery. I was wide awake and they told me to look at the monitor and see them going through my artery when a clot formed in my heart and burst. I saw myself walking in a transpar- ent tunnel with Jesus. He was very tall and had on a white robe. I looked down to see where we were walking and we were walking on air. I looked up and I could not see His face. He was too tall but I felt Love, His unspeakable love, peace and joy. Neither one of us spoke a word. When we arrived at the end of the tunnel, there was a round circular door and on the other side a very, very bright light covered me like a bright cloud. I saw two eyes; a nose and a mouth come through it. Then He spoke to me without moving His lips. In a loud clear audible voice I heard Him speak to me, “Not yet, more work to do!” Immediately I heard the doctors pulling off their rubber gloves and washing their hands. I spoke to them asking, “ are you all finished?”

They yelled, “Ms. Thomas! Ms. Thomas! Ms. Thomas! We don’t understand! We can’t explain! A blood clot came into your heart and it burst. No blood – no life! They gave me pictures that I still have from that time – November 23, 1990, they wrote it up in the Medical Journal – Praise and Glory to God!!! His word is Spirit, Truth and Life. He will be with us always. His word said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he was dead, yet shall he lives.” John 11:25 … His Word Is True! I am ALIVE! His Word is Spirit and it is LIFE! Now I go in Jesus name for He is my life. I am not my own, I have no life only what I do for Christ. Only one life twill soon is past, only what’s done for Christ will last. To me to live is Christ: Choose you this day whom you will serve … as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15.

I ask you to open your hearts to Jesus. Let Him in so He can give you a Life worth living in these last days. There is No Greater Life that you can live than in and through Jesus Christ our Savior, Our Redeemer, Healer, Lord and God Jehovah. Trust Him, Believe and Receive –Open your heart and surrender all to Him. He loves you; He died for your sins. There is No Greater Love – Let Him bless you right now. Say YES! To Jesus – he is willing to give – won’t you be willing to receive?

God Bless You all and I love you,

Mama Rachel Thomas

(Song: “I am running for my Life)

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