My Medical Genie, LLC Receives Savannah Award Of 2014

Clifford Ferguson
Clifford Ferguson

My Medical Genie, LLC was selected for the Savannah Award for 2014 under the category of Cloud-Based Healthcare Management Solutions by Savannah Award Program. My Medical Genie LLC is a web based start-up that is creatively developed, designed and intended for medical professionals. They provide a cloud platform to manage every aspect of a practice from scheduling to billing.

Every year, Savannah Award Program identifies the best company that they believe have attained exceptional marketing success in business category and local community. The companies that they will opt are the one that boost the positive image of small businesses in a form of customer service and community service. These excellent companies help make the area of Savannah an awesome place to play, work and live in.

Salient information were analyzed and gathered to successfully opt for the winners in every category. Savannah Award Program usually focuses on quality and not the quantity. The winners are being determined based on their information gathered internally by Savannah Award Program. In addition to this, Savannah Award Program was developed to easily recognize the superb local businesses within their community.

Clifford Ferguson is the founder and CEO as well as he is also an entrepreneur who has in-depth expertise in building and branding various successful businesses such as a publishing company, nightclub, recording studio, record label and Construction Company. Aside from this, he is very knowledgeable in the field of information technology and at the same time he spent the last two years researching practice management and has established a keen sense for what physicians look for in management tools.

Ferguson is initially responsible for web design, programming software and data entry. Medical Genie field as a Georgia LLC in July 2014 and has raised $30,000 in funding so far. This is one of the reasons why My Medical Genie, LLC was selected as the elite company with excellent marketing success within their business category and local community.

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