Musician Joseph Conyers Comes Home

Joseph Conyers
Joseph Conyers

Kudos to Rob Gibbons and The Savannah Music Festival, SMF, on ten successful years of exquisite music of various genres, presented for the enjoyment of the citizens of Savannah and for music lovers throughout the country.

From 1993 to 2003, the now defunct Savannah Symphony sponsored an outreach program geared to the African-American Community. It was entitled, “Dollars for Scholars”. One of several objectives of this program was to develop and train gifted, young African-American musicians who would in future years become symphony musicians. The students were taught by symphony members. Joseph Conyers is a product of this program.

Conyers appeared this season in several string performances with Daniel hope and friends at the Savannah

Music Festival. Conyers has distinguished himself by being a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music. His first symphony position was a principal double-bass for the Grand Rapids, Michigan Symphony. For about two years he performed with The Atlanta Symphony. Presently, Conyers is Assistant Principal Bass with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed with several other orchestras throughout the states. “Dollars for Scholars” has evolved to become an independent, 501C-3 tax exempt entity known as Sponsors of New and Talented Artist, Inc. We are also celebrating ten years of providing music scholarships for talented youths in Savannah and surrounding communities. Conyers is a mentor to this new group SONTA students who are following his footsteps. Several of our students have done well and have become excellent professional musicians.

We are especially proud of Conyers who has returned to Savannah as musician extraordinaire. All of Savannah should be proud of this “hometown boy”.

Congratulations are also extended to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard (Emma) Conyers, to his teachers and all persons who were instrumental in the training and development of this fine young man.

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