Music Midtown


I went to elementary school at The Children’s School in Atlanta Georgia. It was located in the heart of midtown, on 10th Street, directly across from Piedmont Park, which my classes frequently visited. I vividly remember all of the nature walks, field days, and sports events that took place at the park, all of the happy memories filled with naivety and bliss. However, there was always a weekend, every year, when I wished to be older, to be less naive: I wanted to go to Music Midtown. Music Midtown is a two-day music festival held in Piedmont Park every year. People travel from all over the country to come and enjoy the eclectic lineup of popular artists. Every early September, The Children’s School would have a half-day so that all of the kids could leave before the eager festival-goers arrived to crowd all of 10th Street, including our campus entrance, in anticipation. That Friday was filled with loud mic feedback and amplified sounds from the sound checks, making it impossible to focus. Around 12 noon, the security guards and teachers anxiously ushered all of the kids to carpool and sent us home, but I wanted to stay. I wanted to go to Music Midtown so badly, to be a part of the fun and to make memories.

This year, I finally went to Music Midtown and had the time of my life. My friends and I had been planning for months just for a 48 hr stretch, but it was worth it. When we arrived on Saturday afternoon, in our overly coordinated outfits, we showed proof of COVID-19 vaccination, scanned our bracelets, and we were in. “Let the fun begin I thought, and I looked at my old school, picturing my 5th-grade self who wanted nothing more than to attend MM. Saturday and Sunday brought good music, new friends, and reconnecting with old ones. I ran into kids from my preschool, people in my AP Biology class, and sociology majors from my summer program. I saw artists like 24kGoldn, Megan Thee Stallion, Jack Harlow, and Miley Cyrus, each of them with their unique stage presence and personality.

I went to Music Midtown for the experience and came out with new friends, a new taste in music, and enough stories for a lifetime. Although the week after was filled with exhaustion, strep throat, and COVID tests, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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