Music Medicine Institute Partners with Live Oak Public Libraries

As part of its programs serving the needs of the families of Savannah’s heroic, often deployed servicemen and women, the Music Medicine Institute (MMI) and the Live Oak Public Libraries are presenting a series of free events to coincide with April’s nationwide celebration of the Month of the Military Child. Of special note is a one-day program for children to be held Saturday, April 16 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the new Southwest Chatham Library located near the Savannah Mall and just outside the Rio Gate of Hunter Army Airfield.

“MMI has a long-standing and continuing commitment to help the children of our fighting men and women cope, through music therapy interventions, with the long and increasingly frequent overseas deployments of their parents,” says Elizabeth Jacobi, founder director the MMI.

There is no charge for the program and the public is invited to attend part or all of the daylong event. Below is a tentative schedule: Saturday, April 16, 2011 10 am to 4 pm Southwest Chatham Library (just west of Savannah Mall) Program Moderator: Elizabeth Jacobi, PhD, RMT, FAMI 10 to 11 am: Interactive Drum Circle

A creative experience in which participants take turns leading a drum circle. Drum and percussion instruments will be provided, and participants are welcome to bring their own. The session will also include Musical Brain Games, a twist on classic family games such as tic tac toe, Jeopardy, and hang-man. Music and movement, parachute dance and music trivia will be used. Leader: Jeannelle Benek, MA, HPMT, MT-BC11 to 12 noon: Sonata, Inc. Student Performers SONATA, Inc. (Sponsors of New And Talented Artists) reaches out to minority and underserved students who exhibit a serious interest in string, woodwind and brass instrument and piano. 1 to 2 pm: Power Your Brain and Your Heart With Music, Stories and Dance! Begins with a wonderful series of rhymes and movements called “Brain Dance,” developed by Anne Green Gilbert, followed by an acting out of Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Participating children will learn about teamwork, being kind, self-control, and effort in fun and imaginative musical activities. Leader: Denise (Dede) Ondishko, Ph.D. 2 to 3 pm: Stories, Music, and Imagery: A Doorway to a Child’s Self Esteem Engages children 6-12 in developing self-awareness, confidence and coping skills through music-inspired creativity. Leader: Linda Powell, MM, FAMI 3 to 4 pm: Orff Music, a fun way to explore and create music. Children will use xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels to accompany songs and to improvise their own melodies. Hand drums and unpitched percussion instruments add excitement to the rhythms. Leader: Linda Powell, MM, FAMI

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