Museum in the Moonlight at Ships Of the Sea

Anne Acker
Anne Acker

Ships of the Sea will be sponsoring our final public event of 2010 on Nov. 11, our fifth annual Museum in the Moonlight featuring Anne Acker on solo fortepiano(early piano.) A news advisory is attached. We’ll be sending you an ad in the next week or so.

Museum in the Moonlight is an annual open-house in which visitors can wander through our illuminated garden on a moonlit night, enjoy food and beverages under the garden tent and hear an accomplished local musician perform solo on an instrument not often heard in a live setting. Creative Catering will be providing their justlyfamous shrimp and grits among other comestibles.

Anne Acker is a Savannah-based but internationally recognized early keyboard maker/restorer, historian and performer (an exhaustive range of accomplishments.) She performs locally with Savannah’s early music group the Goliards and this is the second time that she will fearlessly transport an early keyboard to the Museum. (In June, she played a harpsichord in the heat and humidity under our garden tent with the Goliards.)

Anne’s performance will be particularly fitting as she will be playing early 19th century American, British and European compositions on the fortepiano (a popular keyboard instrument of the period, a link between the harpsichord and the modern piano) in the 1819 Scarbrough House.

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