Mothers Helping Mothers Annual Brunch

Qasimah Boston And Regina Thompson
Qasimah Boston And Regina Thompson

Taken from a Maya Angelo’s quote, “Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud” was the theme of the Annual Mothers Helping Mothers Brunch. Hosted by Regina Thompson, founder of Mothers Helping Mothers Organization, the brunch has become a most sought after spring events. Eager guests came together on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Express – Historic Savannah. The attendance grows every year, with this year’s group being 70 plus guests. A beautiful and healthy brunch was served and prepared by the host, Regina Thompson. Mrs. Thompson said that the purpose of the annual brunch is to empower young mothers and to lift them up to reach their full potential in life and in parenting.

The speaker for the occasion was Dr. P Qasimah Boston. Dr. Boston is a graduate of Florida A & M University. Her successful efforts with family nutrition extends from the United States to Ghana (Africa). Dr. Boston’s talk focused on the importance of having control over our dietary habits and the process for managing your family’s use of nutritious foods. Much of her professional work is based on the ability of women to overcome household food insecurity by accessing social networks and acquiring social support within a culture of inclusion. One of Dr. Boston’s quotes is, “Balance in your life! Understand your life patterns! Go to your destiny! Enjoy the fantastic journey!” Mrs. Joan Thompson of Starksville, Mississippi sang a moving selection for the group. Two of the mothers who were guests were presented with lovely gift baskets. Four women in all will receive financial assistance from the proceeds of this event. Fundraisers will help provide these families with resources based on their needs and to function more effectively in their communities.

Anyone wishing to volunteer or donate to this effort may contact Regina Thompson at

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