Morris Brown Opens for 2009-2010 School Term

Dr. Stanley Pritchett
Dr. Stanley Pritchett

Classes begin at Morris Brown College on Wednesday, August 26. New students began arriving on Sunday, August 17 and throughout the week; and registration begins on Monday, August 24.

“Administrators and faculty members are busy with the normal challenges associated with a new school year; and, at the same time, we are thankful to God for the miracle of another year at Morris Brown,” said Dr. Stanley Pritchett, president of Morris Brown. “This institution, with all of its obstacles and set-backs over the past seven years, is managing a resurgence that keeps the college in the business of educating young people who want to learn. We remain excited and more optimistic than ever before about our future,” Dr. Pritchett added.

In addition to the classes taught on the campus at Morris Brown, the 2009- 2010 school year presents an opportunity for the introduction of an online curriculum – – one of the few HBCU’s that offers an exclusive online degree in Organizational Management and Leadership.

Earlier this year, Morris Brown College announced a partnership with Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp), the nation’s premier online educational platform provider.

The online program is currently a reality at Morris Brown. Nine faculty members have been trained for the e-college platform; and the goal is to enroll twenty students for each cohort. A new cohort will begin every four weeks.

The EOServe Corporation partnership also provides an exceptional tuition financial aid program making $5 million available for funding student loans. The third phase of the partnership involves the Interactive Marketing Institute (IMI) that has employed and trained students and other persons from the community to work in the call center located on the college campus as

Educational Advisors matching prospective students with colleges and university online programs across the nation.

With the assistance of the Morris Brown Alumni Association, the college is preparing for its “Annual Walk-A-Thon” on Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 7:00 a.m.

Morris Brown College is one of America’s most prestigious Historical Black Colleges having been founded in 1881. Morris Brown College has an aggressive plan for resurgence of the college with an infusion of new ideas for educational programs for a global market.

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