Momon Promoted to General Manager

Debra Momon
Debra Momon

Isn’t it amazing what you might find, and where you might find yourself… when you’re lost?

In Debra Momon’s case, what she found unexpectedly while touring Savannah one day in 1987, was a long, happy career. Momon, a newcomer to the city, wandered into the Inn at Ellis Square, seeking directions.

She struck up a friendly conversation with the clerk behind the front desk. Soon the hotel’s manager joined in the conversation, and within minutes, he recognized Momon’s excellent interpersonal skills and management potential.

Practically on the spot, Momon was hired as a front desk agent that lucky day in 1987… a move which launched her current 22- year-long career.

In short order, Momon was promoted to night auditor and controller. In 1998, she was then promoted to Assistant General Manager, most recently working closely with the late Dominique Audran, for more than five years.

Her dedication to the hotel is unsurpassed, and has been recently rewarded with her appointment to General Manager.

Momon is the only woman to hold this position at one of the largest hotels in the Historic Savannah district.

With the hotel’s owner’s encouragement to pursue this prestigious position, Ms. Momon succeeded in a competitive field which included more than 200 applicants.

A “military kid” born in Lafayette, LA and raised in Milton, FL, Momon joined the Army in the late 1970s to see the world.

Her seven-year military career included a wedding, two daughters, and four years as a sergeant stationed in Manheim, Germany.

When her husband was transferred to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Momon decided to leave the service because her daughters were entering school, and for the first time in her life, Momon was free to explore her new home, which led her to the Inn at Ellis Square.

“Finding innovative ideas and thinking outside the box” are two of Momon’s challenges as General Manager.

“Because so many young people are traveling these days, we want to be sure that we’re using the most current Internet tools to reach this audience,” she said.

Her primary goals for this year are to maintain room rates that are competitive with the market, and offer the best customer service in the downtown area. “At the Inn at Ellis Square, we want our guests to know that our staff is available to them at all times to guide them and give them an excellent lodging experience,” Momon said.

As she takes the helm at the Inn at Ellis Square, Momon acknowledges the family-like culture that is fostered among staff and employees.

Perhaps reminiscing upon her own long career at the hotel, Momon said that her greatest joy as General Manager is to “watch newly-promoted people find their niche within our system, and continue to grow and prepare for their next promotion.”

Within her own personal family, Momon and her husband of twenty-nine years attend St. Paul AME Church and enjoy spending time with their two daughters and four grandchildren.

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