MLK’s Memphis Sanitation Strike Documentary

The April 2nd Friday Neighborhood Night at the Movie will present “At the River I Stand,” on Friday, April 12th, 5pm at the W.W. Law Community Center, 909 E. Bolton St. This movie chronicles the 1968 sanitation workers strike in Memphis. Because of dehumanizing working conditions, poor pay and the tragic, crushing death of 2 of their fellow workers, the city’s sanitation workers mobilized a strike for improved working conditions and wages. This protest for a living wage and union recognition brought Rev. Martin Luther King to the city to support these workers. King’s very last message, his “I have a dream” speech was delivered at a rally for these workers.

The community is invited to view this documentary and discuss how these same issues are manifest today, and how we can address economic justice today.

The monthly 2nd Friday film series, Neighborhood Night at the Movies: Building Unity and Understanding in Community, is sponsored the Imam Jamil Action Network (IJAN) and the Eastside Neighborhood Association. For more information call 202-907-4443. All ages are welcome. Refreshments will be served

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