Miss Savannah USA Lucía A. Jahannes

Miss Savannah Lucia A. Jahannes
Miss Savannah Lucia A. Jahannes

Savannah’s own Lucía A. Jahannes, the reigning Miss Savannah USA has always been a huge force in the community whether working with the city’s youth through various organizations, or blessing the world with her amazing vocal talents as Miss Lucía. She has implemented a gymnastics program at the Habersham YMCA for kids and coaches there. A graduate of Wagner College with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology, she has brains and beauty.

With experience as a former pageant winner (Miss Georgia Latina 2007), Lucía A. Jahannes, Miss Savannah USA, propels her campaign to snatching the crown for Miss Universe 2014. After gaining the Miss Savannah USA title this March, Ms. Jahannes is intent on taking her platforms of health and wellness for kids, women’s equity, and international fairplay.

Ms. Jahannes says, “I am more interested in doing something rather than just being something. I am grateful for healthy, fairly good looks, but I’d like to be recognized as a thinker. My mind is important to me. I’m blessed to be able to think on my own, about good causes that I will try to do something about.”

She will be competing in the Miss Georgia USA pageant this November and currently seeking sponsorship. She is certainly an excellent representation of the intellect and beauty that is Savannah. With full support and contributions she will, without a doubt, claim the crown for Miss Universe.

She recently performed and spread her message at the Chatham County Youth Commission (CCYC) Youth rally April 13th. She is set to be the lead in the upcoming theater production “Ain’tIAWoman”which will be held at The Sanctuary on June 8th. Lucía Jahannes is the darling of the south and

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