Mike Jones Announces Candidacy for Chatham County Sheriff

Mike Jones Announcing Candidacy
Mike Jones Announcing Candidacy

Mike Jones announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Chatham County Friday, February 3 at the ILA building located at 221 E. Lathrop Ave. Jones is a Democrat, and ran for Sheriff on the Democratic ticket in 2008. Jones is a Savannah native and veteran law enforcement officer who hails from a public service family. Jones has more than three decades of service with the International Paper Company. He began his law enforcement career after watching the example of family members. Concerned by rising crime rates, lack of attention directed toward young people, Jones was determined to make a difference. Jones realizes that the office of Sheriff of Chatham County is the key to turning this problem around.

For more info contact: Deborah Jones at (912) 856- 1665 or at d.jones101@comcast.net

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